Oolong (Wu-Long) Tea

Oolong Teas are semi-fermented and express characteristics in-between Green Tea and Black Tea. Oolong tea, like black tea goes through a withering stage (wilting). The difference is the Oolong tea, goes through a shorter stage and the leaves are fired directly after that to prevent continued oxidation (fermentation.) The leaves can range from being almost black to dark green depending on when oxidation is stopped. The leaves are usually large in appearance and produce a very aromatic brew. Due to their smooth, complex flavors, Oolong Teas are often a favorite among connoisseurs. Formosa Oolongis an Amber Oolong with a rich amber cup that is a little toasty tasting. You can watch the different colors of the liquor of different varieties of Oolong tea in our glass teapot.

The Journal of Nutrition, vol. 131, 2001...
"It is clear that consumption of Oolong tea stimulates both energy expenditure [thereby burning calories] and fat oxidation [also helpful] in normal weight men. This raises the possibility that tea consumption could have some beneficial effect on the individual's ability to maintain a lower body fat content. ...."