Our Online Tea Store

Large variety of premium gourmet loose leaf tea available at your fingertips from a store that puts their customers first. Get any type of tea you could have imagined delivered to your doorstep in airtight packaging from Prima Tea - boutique gourmet loose leaf tea store from Illinois. No need for leaving your living room, running around, or being irritated in traffic. But if for some reason you like doing that or if you are around, you are always welcome to stop by; we are not going to lie to you, it has advantages. At our location youíll have the opportunity to try & taste our brews so you donít have to do any guessing, and most importantly, youíll have the luxury of seeing our beautiful faces and we will have the luxury of seeing your beautiful face as well.
Shop with confidence & enjoy your experience with PrimaTea's online tea store.

Custom Orders & Varieties of Loose Tea

Custom orders, mixes & blends are available upon request. Please call (847)419-1772 or simply email us using the form here. Our customer service team is ready and willing to assist you with any questions or concerns you might have; we donít just sell tea, we know tea. In addition to the types of loose tea we carry in our online tea store, we have many other types & blends of tea available at our tea storage. Just because you canít find it on our website, donít assume we donít have it; pick up the phone & give as a ring, or if you donít feel like talking, email us or contact us through Facebook. Keep in mind that some of these might be a subject for a slight delay, but we are straightforward about our delivery times & availability, so youíll be given a correct estimate when to expect your order to arrive before placing your order.

Tea Samplers & Discounts

We include loose tea samples with vast majority of our orders. We want you to expand your horizons & learn your preferences; there is no better way finding out what you like other than trying large variety of teas from the comfort of your home. If there was a specific type of tea you wanted to try, include a special note while placing your order & weíll do our best to satisfy your request. We offer discounts to our regular customers as a sign of appreciation, other special offers are available to those who sign-up for our newsletter. We are looking forward to long-term relationships.

Shipping Time, Carriers, Tracking of Orders

All orders are shipped using USPS, unless otherwise requested. Our common handling time is one business day, so if you order today, expect your order shipped the next business day. Orders that are placed early during the day may ship the same day. Delivery time will vary depending on the carrier, as you probably already know, we have no control over this. After your order has been shipped youíll be notified via email, tracking number will be included for US orders. Buyers from Canada will have to pay for Priority Mail if they want a tracking number included. Sorry, Canada, USPS wonít provide tracking for First Class mail.