Black Tea

Black Tea is the most widely known variety in the west. It goes through the most processing. It is the oxidation, process that makes Black Tea different from Green Tea, White Tea or Oolong teas. Black Teas are divided into broken-leaf and full-leaf categories. A broken-leaf Black tea consists of leaves that have been purposely broken into small pieces during processing. Broken leaf teas tend to be more brisk and higher in caffeine, making them an excellent morning tea to be paired with milk and sugar. Full-leaf teas, on the other hand, tend to be more refined and gentler on the palate. Broken-leaf teas are not to be confused with "fanning" or "dust" used in common paper tea bags, which consist of the poorest quality tea that becomes stale very quickly due to its powdered consistency and high surface-to-air ratio. Our tea bags consist of high quality broken or whole leaf tea and pack in the bags only for convenience. The decaffeinating of the Black tea could be done at home and very easy. Brew your favorite cup of black tea in our collectibles YIXING TEAPOTS to achieve the desired results.