White Tea

White Tea is the rarest and least processed of all teas, is traditionally harvested by hand only a few days each year. The leaves are picked early in the year while the tiny white hairs are still visible on the leaves and the bud is still closed. Only the top leaf and a bud are picked from the plant. The leaves are then allowed to dry in the sun; they are not steamed or pan fired like green tea. Because White Tea undergoes virtually no processing and is made from the tender, nutrient-rich bud from the tip of the plant, White Tea is considered the healthiest of all teas. White Tea brews a pale, yellow color and has a sweet, gentle, honey or nectar-like flavor with complexity of flavor. When you drink white tea it seems quite tasteless- as if you were drinking hot water with a slightly milder and more subtle taste than normal. However, after a while you will become aware of a subtle change in your breath and at the back or your mouth. You will taste a soft, nourishing sweetness and eventually experience a similar sensation down your throat.What white tea offers is a bittersweet aftertaste that persists on your tongue, throat and mouth. In Chinese this is called fragrance preserved between your teeth. We often recommend White Tea to customers who want lots of health benefits but are hesitant about black tea or Green Tea's strong flavors. It requires lower water temperature for brewing and our timers and water warmers will help you to brew a perfect cup.