Our Boutique Collectibles

Great tea can heal not only the body, but the soul as well. Here at Primatea, we take your well being very seriously, determined not only to lighten your mood, but to treat and invigorate your body too! We carefully select teas based on the different tastes of our customers, but also their healing qualities. In order to bring only the best to you, we taste, re-taste and taste again, looking for any imperfections that may leave you cringing. But once we find the perfect brew, itís simply tea heaven. So donít be shy, come on in and let us treat you to a cup of tea, while our owner Nina finds the perfect tea for your body and soul!

In addition to our dedication to tea, we are also passionate about tea accessories, like our beautiful Yixing teapots that seem to make the tea drinking experience only better. If you are a true lover of tea or just starting on the journey of tea-loving, you can never go wrong with a beautiful teapot or the delectable aroma it holds inside!

†Some shots from our store.