Organic Chunmee Green Tea 2 lbs
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Organic Chunmee Green Tea 2 lbs


4 of 5 Stars!4 of 5 Stars!

I read a lot about Chun Mee being one of the green teas where the dry leaves are said to resemble an eyebrow. After steaming and drying, each leaf is hand rolled in order to give it a slightly arched shape. The result, as you can see with your own eyes. The taste of this tea is strikingly sweet and you will notice its grassy aroma delicious enough to get a personís attraction drawn towards it. I brewed a cup at first to try it and steeped it later on. The tea got an amber color and smelled like vague chocolate. I didnít find anything bad in this tea. I think you should try this once.
Date Added: 11/02/2010 by Valencia Hurley