Sencha Rose Green Tea Blend 2 lbs
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Sencha Rose Green Tea Blend 2 lbs


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When I first chose the Sencha Kyoto cherry rose tea, I was a bit nervous. I am not a big lover of strongly flavored fruit teas unless they smell and taste natural and especially the artificially flavored ones. However, when I first bought this tea, I was truly taken aback by it sweet aroma. I couldn’t resist smelling it again and again, it simply gave me a sensation of walking in a garden. Thereafter, I had some of the tea to brew and I brewed it for around 3 minutes. The smell grew even stronger that made me impatient to sip a cup of it. Finally I had a cup of tea present before me which I tasted. It gave me a sense of pure cherry which seemed natural. Fruit tea lovers should definitely try this out.
Date Added: 11/03/2010 by Carla Bass